Restaurant Bassi's menu

"Delicious food and sharing made it possible to taste various flavors. Service was excellent and I liked the atmosphere, and decor. Definitely going again!"
- Customer feedback in TripAdvisor

Fresh fish, amazing seafood platter, summer menu and much more. At restaurant Bassi you can dine on two floors, right in the heart of Helsinki.

The fun dining on the second floor means quality time with friends, great dishes and new experiences.
For axample, choose a seafood platter or a three course fish menu!

Bassi's famous seafood platter costs 45 euros per person, and the more people sharing it the larger the platter. Remember to make a table reservation before you arrive!

At the street level we have Bassi's bistro. There you find variety of dishes for international tastes: oysters, Arctic shrimp, fresh salads, Toast Skagen and Fish & Chips.

Come for an afterwork or maybe for a first date! You don't need a table reservation for the bistro.